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George Orwell, in his book "1984" wrote: "Those who control History control the Future".

Since the early 1990s Muslim activists have been hard at work influencing what is presented to America's youth about Islam and propagandizing Islam's history in our nation's textbooks, especially in our grade 7 History & Social Studies texts where students are generally first introduced to Islam in a course covering Medieval History.

Revising these textbooks is difficult.  And so a series of Supplementary Instructional Guides have been developed by an independent group of qualified historians and academics.  Each has been developed for a specific Grade 7 History & Social Studies textbook which is currently in widespread use in U.S. schools. Often these guides will even address specific page numbers or paragraphs in the sections of the text dealing with Islam and Islamic History which need correcting, clarifying or additional information.  

After determining from your local middle school or school district office which text is in used in their seventh grade History & Social Studies classes, see if a Supplementary Guide has been developed for it and listed below.   Then click on that guide and download it.

Get this Supplementary Instructional Guide into the hands of your school officials, board members, and teachers and parents of seventh graders by any way you can so that some of the mis-information about Islam and Islamic history which fills our textbooks can be corrected.  

Normally, supplemental instructional materials, such as these Supplementary Guides, may be introduced and used by teachers without having to be approved or formally "adopted" by state departments of education or even individual school boards.  The guides are probably best introduced through personal contact with seventh grade teachers with whom you may be acquainted....or through the parents of 6th and 7th grade students. Their children are, or soon will be exposed to textbook information about Islam which has been extensively propagandized, white-washed and sugar-coated by Muslim activists.   Sadly, today's textbooks present distorted information about Islam, its ideology and its history which has been "reworked" by Islamists who intend to intellectually disarm us as part of their ongoing efforts to Islamicize America.   Our children must be taught the truth.

Click on the textbook title for which you need a Supplementary Instruction Guide from the following list.

Check back, as additional guides will be added as they are developed.